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We are often asked ‘Are you JoTiKa or Caldercraft?’, the simple answer is both. Caldercraft is the company name under which we manufacture our own products while JoTiKa is the parent distribution company through which Caldercraft and many other manufacturers’ products are distributed.

Formed in 1988, JoTiKa is a small, family owned and operated business now based in Scruton, North Yorkshire, UK and was originally set up in order to manufacture, under licence, and distribute products throughout Europe from Aeromarine Laminates Inc.
Manufacturing and distribution rights for Caldercraft were added in 1992 with one simple company goal: not just to produce model ship kits but to produce actual scale replica ship kits, paying attention to quality, fine detailing and overall authenticity to the chosen subject. It is this underlying principle that catapulted Caldercraft to market leader status and, thanks to continual development and investment, remains the benchmark for the competition. Development and manufacturing using the latest CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technologies ensures accuracy of all of the kit contents from metal castings to CNC routed and profiled wooden components, from metal extrusions to brass etched fittings.
Manufacturing and distributing a range of over 100 model ship subjects ranging from the static Men of War to steam yachts and from World War II submarines to 80mph power boats, coupled with literally thousands of fittings and accessories allows JoTiKa to cater for the many and varied tastes of marine modelling enthusiasts around the globe.

Nelsons Navy, a new kit range by Caldercraft portraying ships from Nelsons period, was released in late 1999 with great success. Along side this a Heritage Series range has been introduced, the first release being 'Mary Rose'. All Nelsons Navy and Heritage Series kits are static models.

In 1999 the manufacturing rights to Aerokits was also acquired and the 46" Sea Queen is now available and the 34" Sea Commander is currently in development!

We also produce a large range of accessories and these will be added to our web pages continually. To buy from us online, please go to ShipWrightShop

In addition to its own manufacturing, JoTiKa also distributes products from Krick, Raboesch and Aero-naut among others.

JoTiKa Ltd contact details are as follows:
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JoTiKa Ltd.
The Crinkly Tin Shed
North Yorkshire

Telephone: +44 (0)1905 776 073

For general enquiries please email:

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To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at

To order, call:
+44 (0)1905 776 073
Or buy online at